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April 2020
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About Us

The Russian Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber or RCC), a member of The Ontario Chamber of Commerce, is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2005 in the City of Toronto.

The Chamber was created to develop and promote trade, business, financial and professional interests and relations between business communities of Canada and Russia. RCC also provides informational and trade support for businesses within the system of Canadian and Ontario Chambers of Commerce and other ethnic business organizations operating in Canada, Russia and the Eurasian Union.
The existing members of The Chamber are diverse business enterprises with a wealth of knowledge, experience and business opportunities. We provide a forum for exchange of ideas among our members, arrange conferences, “round tables” meetings, seminars and encourage establishment of mutual business relations way beyond Russia community in Canada. We offer services for enterprises using our research and information potential, as well as the resources of other Chambers of Commerce. As a member-based organization we welcome our new and existing members’ participation in shaping the way we work and the services and activities we provide.
In addition, RCC aims to enhance the understanding of different business cultures, market developments and other socio-economic developments. The Chamber presently offers regular networking events, newsletters, seminars, courses, and various types of events.

RCC, as a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, uses a rich network of all Chambers of Commerce in Canada, and is currently working on organizing a number of meetings with various ethnic Chambers of Commerce.
As an integral part of our community, The Chamber is involved in preserving and promoting awareness of the Russian heritage and culture in Canada through hosting various events, publishing magazines and sponsoring various initiatives.The RCC has developed close ties with different regions of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Union, and has written agreements in place to represent these regions in Canada.
Today’s Russia is widely seen as one of the most promising markets in the world for goods, services and capital,  given its size, rapid growth of macroeconomic indicators, commitment of its leadership to economic reform and deep integration into the world economy based on a liberal trade regime and WTO accession.
We believe in strong bilateral relationship between Canada and Russia, both on cultural and economic levels. We help our members to overcome language and cultural barriers, and to ensure success using our extensive expertise dealing with various business, government and non-government organizations in both countries.
RCC takes on a further proactive role to influence a provincial government policy in a positive, visible, consistent and representative manner to strengthen the Chamber movement and to provide assistance and support to our members.  The Chamber offers consultations, provides access to information and delivers other valuable programs and services to its members.